Wiser and more experienced friends/readers have reminded me that I really ought to have a discipline of posting my posts in more consistent intervals, which can sometimes be a challenge for a blog that’s all about the analysis of sporadic events.

Instead of blogging through out the past manic month of travelling and conferences, I’ve been keeping my inboxes churning to avoid anyone receiving the dreaded automatic response:

“I’m on a conference trip at the moment so please accept my apologies for any delays in replying to your email. I will endeavour to do so as soon as I can.”

Here’s a slightly belated but somewhat digested review of the fringy world of conferences:


Don Tapscott’s opening speech for TED

The age of digital information has made a platform to curate a newly revived community. Gone are the days of old boys clubs as glitzy spotlights fall on the glamorous world of glitzy conferences. There’s a whole ‘underground’ scene behind each televised talk. These mass-bonding experiences, for a person with amazing believes that survive against unimaginable compromises, are thrusting their life stories into the sheer decadence of 5 day VIP opulence.

One could experience a prince & pauper diversity all in one week. (In fact there was an actual princess there.)

What could be fringier than that?

Written by Lisa Ma

Lisa Ma socializes activism. Combining ethnographic research and speculative design, Lisa creates platforms of engagement from surprising insights and processes that deeply resonate with the global technological community. The emergence of clicktivism – to protest at the click of a mouse – is trivializing activism. Lisa argues that although activism doesn’t necessarily benefit from technology, we need to evolve how activism contributes to technological societies. To illustrate this, she designs dilemmas and creates social events that are perceived as activism but function as services.

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