The research from the workshop suggested that the next generation of Chinese would decrease in gender extremes and into a general direction of “mid-sexuality”, 中性. The traditional confucian roles of the ultra female and extreme males are shrinking into an age a modern metrosexuality and diplomacy. It seems that people want to transfer the awareness of sex without any personal social interactions.

Will sex be left to the detached world invitro, tele-dildonics and pornography?

Would the uber-sexual become the new fringe?

The Chinese sexual community of this generation would like their children to receive sex education

– how should ‘The Talk‘ be?

Most of the workshop participants wanted their children to understand sex without the awkwardness of facing this themselves. They suggested nursery trips/tours that would lead children into understanding sex in the appropriate depth. It was a desperate measure to consume a level of control over the sphere of discussion. They wanted a service that would curate sex education so that it is honest and personal but doesn’t taint the family with an uncomfortable memory between the respected generations.

Many of the participants also had difficulties in discussing sex-related subjects with their own parents. In fact, a large part of the workshop was spent in coming up with possibilities for the same-sex males and females of the workshop to express their homosexual preferences to their parents.

In fact, the sexual community had less qualms in expressing their sexual activities to the unknown public whilst holding an extreme prudish measure against their family. Cindy Gallop dropped in our workshop preparations via Skype to tell us that one of the largest users of was from China. This interesting considering that the Chinese visitors would have undergone through some seriously sophisticated firewall-leaping.

One participant expressed a secret fantasy to have sex in the widest street possibly. The initial reaction from a lot of people was “Tian an men square”. Possibly in this connection sex became a deeply personal method of reacting against the oppression of a tradition of Confucian privacy and as a personal response to a political expression that’s out of reach.

Written by Lisa Ma

Lisa Ma socializes activism. Combining ethnographic research and speculative design, Lisa creates platforms of engagement from surprising insights and processes that deeply resonate with the global technological community. The emergence of clicktivism – to protest at the click of a mouse – is trivializing activism. Lisa argues that although activism doesn’t necessarily benefit from technology, we need to evolve how activism contributes to technological societies. To illustrate this, she designs dilemmas and creates social events that are perceived as activism but function as services.

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