The main objective of my travels in Shenzhen is to make Another Airport series with SZX airport.

The plan proposes a 3 minute food guide to the snack street in 下十围 village for stranded passengers.

The experience of waiting through air travel has become a common occurrence in the nomadic lives of Chinese urbanites. Shenzhen airport is notorious for delays due to its exploding population, runway shortage and severe weather conditions. On top of that the airport suffers from ‘air jam’ from military restrictions on available routes.

The snack street offers foods from a variety of regions within China, offering an alternative experience to the passive monotony of waiting at departures…  at much lower costs!

Slum Snacking research, experiments and progress will be in the next posts, as long as can still hop over the Great Firewall…

Another Airport is a global continuation of Heathrow Heritage, a series of excursions run as a cooperation where the activists, historians and residents with the assistance of the airport deacon take stranded passengers for bike tours around the ancient villages under threat from airport expansion. It’s an activity that brings 2 communities together and leaves entertaining and memorable experiences for the passengers and a new form of activism for the protesters.

Written by Lisa Ma

Lisa Ma socializes activism. Combining ethnographic research and speculative design, Lisa creates platforms of engagement from surprising insights and processes that deeply resonate with the global technological community. The emergence of clicktivism – to protest at the click of a mouse – is trivializing activism. Lisa argues that although activism doesn’t necessarily benefit from technology, we need to evolve how activism contributes to technological societies. To illustrate this, she designs dilemmas and creates social events that are perceived as activism but function as services.

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