There’s more to travelling than flying. Terminals A and B is linked, via an over-ground indoor travelator, to the underground station. From there, one can walk to the ‘village’ within 3 minutes.

During lunchtime, a group of chatting airhostesses take the 3-minute stroll out of the air-conditioned work place for snacks and a nap in the their rental apartments.

The gas-canister guy takes a break on the streets in sleepy lunch hour.

The ducks and chicken take an economy class journey to their delicious deaths.

The fruit stall transforms from a van whilst the street empties from the heat.

Another competitive fruit seller has the upper hand with a folding van that hides his license plate.

Fresh seafoods are delivered in iceboxes crammed onto a tricycle. The brave cyclist cannot go under tunnels as the vehicle’s profile is larger than that of a standard van.

The mobile pet shop has problems parking onto the pavement. The fish in his tank are travelsick.

A Chinese Muslim family takes the motorcycle for a family ride before their noodle bar opens for tea.

The cockroach repellent salesman rides with his balloons for extra income across a food stall.

Written by Lisa Ma

Lisa Ma socializes activism. Combining ethnographic research and speculative design, Lisa creates platforms of engagement from surprising insights and processes that deeply resonate with the global technological community. The emergence of clicktivism – to protest at the click of a mouse – is trivializing activism. Lisa argues that although activism doesn’t necessarily benefit from technology, we need to evolve how activism contributes to technological societies. To illustrate this, she designs dilemmas and creates social events that are perceived as activism but function as services.

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