Speculative Sex Next Gen


The research from the workshop suggested that the next generation of Chinese would decrease in gender extremes and into a general direction of “mid-sexuality”, 中性. The traditional confucian roles of the ultra female and extreme males are shrinking into an age a modern metrosexuality and diplomacy. It seems that people want to transfer the awareness of sex without … Continue reading

Food, Analogies and Shame


In The Future of Sex Education workshop, we received food-based metaphors that are extremely culturally specific. This was especially the case in  common descriptions of the human body: The workshop participants eagerly outlined 3 major ‘stereotypes’ of breast-shape descriptions. They are extremely physical, literally and not exactly imaginative. However, their selection process was intriguing. (Once … Continue reading

Evolution around “One Base”

_girls room blg

The Future of Sex workshop attendees referred to sex as a “single base”. Sex was left to a coy hint to be expanded in the mind only rather than through verbal description, even in the excitement of story exchanges. There was a comparison of Western and Eastern understand around Baseball metaphors: Western understanding (according to Wikipedia) First base – mouth-to-mouth kissing Second … Continue reading

Sexual Fantasies

hold on

I get hassled a lot for quotes on hidden fantasies from the workshop. The dialogue below left me quite speechless… a: There are different ways of sexing up a long monogamous relationship, for example role-playing in a rape scene. b: How about a trip to the Maldives? It’s about the environment, that’s why people go on honeymoon. a: Seriously? Girls … Continue reading

The Future of Sex Education Workshop: Getting Around Garfield

We’re documenting some interesting challenges that were thrown at us in doing a sex-related workshop in China. Publicising while staying under the radar of anything that would flag us up as explicit became quite a challenge. After all, even Garfield the cartoon cat could become banned as pornographic content on the internet (which spoke more about the quality of … Continue reading

The Future of Sex Education Workshop: Beijing 30th March

food porn

How to make talking about sex as acceptable as talking about food for the prudish Chinese The aim of the workshop is to seek for inspiration, narratives and directions for designing the future of sex education for the masses in China. The rationale of the workshop is to bring forward the ‘underground’ and taboo nature … Continue reading


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