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Christmas at Galapagos

This is not a city for the people. There are sacrifices to be made for those willing to become residents of the flagship of nature. Many things can be forgotten when you’re in the corner of the prestige/ “virgin nature”/ a wonder of the world but …not Christmas. The history of Galapagos is fraught with dramatic, … Continue reading

Cute Guy

409 years later, the annual festival to commemorate a terrorist plot failure becomes the largest international gathering of fancy-dressed superheroes. Image from There’s Something About Mary (1998)   I’m sure you all know the history. The story of Bonfire’s night was of a Catholic plot to remove the King and blow up the House of … Continue reading

Ebola Fear: News is Defined by the Viral

We are captivated by the realtime updated global spreading of Ebola virus. Suddenly we’re at a new, fearful edge of science, without a cure and unfamiliar deaths of horrifying certainty. I’ve been obsessed by the science writings regarding zoonosis, infections diseases from animals to humans, including Ebola. It sounds like an emerging field but most of all human infections … Continue reading

dental seat

Deploy or Die

Speculative design cannot hide behind the comfort of just conversing within a well-respected community on prestigious science funds. We need to release these ideas into the real world and be prepared for misappropriations, scary responses and learn to answer to their consequences.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 09.06.25


  What if your tax money was used to kill animals?   This film sponsored by Near Now and The Arts Council documents the core story around my adventures with invasive animals in Ghent. The project Human Invasives Interactions was done with the collaboration of Timelab that gave birth the the Atelier de Stad Niet … Continue reading


Do you believe in life after design?

I’ve been trying to come to a closing to the project of an urban movement that has started from a design proposal around eating instead of destroying invasive animals and plants with the “Vegetarian Capital of Europe”. As I wait for the aftermath to round off and become a ‘packagable story’, I realised that designing a platform of activism … Continue reading

bioluddites crit

Bioluddites with Fo:AM

How do you define ‘biotechnology?’ I stopped dead. This was the beginning presentation to my week’s intensive Micro-Residency at Fo:AM. I didn’t quite realize the emphasis on the word ‘intensive’ when founder Maja Kuzmanovic first proposed it to me. It definitely sounded fantastic that the whole core team was offering to spend the whole week … Continue reading


Fish, Fridges and Voyeruism

I’ve recently had the most reflective conversation with my grandma. She’s a health nut. In China’s increasingly relatively wealthy ageing population, I proud to reflect that my granny, with her lack of internet communication and cataract eyes, has been contributing to her local economy of pushy ‘caring’ health-pill sellers. We were having a serious conversation … Continue reading


From Cat Killers to Kitty Activism

A journalist sent me down a rabbit hole with an economist that wants to get rid of all cats in New Zealand… I was stuck. I wince at the imaginary online screaming match. This is no-go area: pointing out the white elephant in the room and something that is logically totally obvious but abuses … Continue reading


Activism vs… Death threats?

I’ve been excited to find myself in Nottingham, surrounded by what could be considered to be the earlier starters of activism, the Luddites. Luddites are seen as people who protested against the industrial revolution, by famously throwing shoes into looms.  According to my initial research with local historians, Luddites were in fact lace-makers that wanted a … Continue reading


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